Human resources

Human capital

The key to a professional and successful organization is human capital. For this reason we highly value the training our people. Our specialists are our greatest assets. They drive our projects, have the expertise and practical know-how and high level understanding of the power generating world, required to make your project successful.


Screening deeper motives

Technical recruitment is a highly specialized industry, and finding the right staff can be a challenge. In recruiting people we don’t just judge on their CV’s, we also screen on their deeper motives to put the right person on the right spot.


A large international network

You can rely on the knowledge and experience from TPI’s large network of international qualified managerial and technical staff in the energy field.

We cover a wide range of solutions in project management, engineering, construction and commissioning, operation and maintenance. Our specializations include the supply of technical staff for any time basis.

Please contact us for temporary short- or long-term international recruitment of qualified staff.


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