Our team

Powering a better tomorrow

TPI Power Group is a private company based in The Netherlands. With team backgrounds in power plant construction, O&M and engine manufacturing, TPI was established while aiming for unusual projects and services, uncovered by mainstream players in the market. This direction is characterized by focus on sustainable energy and use of renewables and environmental awareness.

The driving force behind TPI is an enthusiastic and motivated team of highly trained professionals with long hands-on experience in the gas and diesel engine generating field. We guarantee reliability; customers can expect customized service for quality and efficiency.

The backbones of our company are high-level expertise, wide network in the industry and focus on technical innovations. These are particularly applied to realize fuel savings and O&M optimisation in conventional power plants.

Technical evolution matters when it benefits its users. Investments in R&D, training and establishment of strategic partnerships are defining our products and services in the global market. With an emphasis on functional, efficient and sustainable, we contribute with our energy solutions to a better environment.

We believe in a better tomorrow and support the organisation ‘Koningin Wilhelmina Fonds voor de Nederlandse Kankerbestrijding’ (KWF) an organisation that fights cancer by scientific research and knowledge sharing.