Reference list

Team references


Flair gas dual fuel conversion project of Caterpillar C32 High Speed Power Module in Sudan

Order services and spares supply for Wärtsilä W32DF for power plant

Liquid biomass of CNSL shipped in flexi-tanks to Europe under specification ISCC requirements

Dual fuel conversion project with Caterpillar High Speed application on Biogas in Nigeria.

Dredging propulsion system failure analysis and redesign for Wärtsilä 26 prime movers

Construction Site management relocation of two Power plants in total 14 Mw to Nigeria


Sales Management, project management, installation, site management, commissioning and technical services, of 12 MWe Bio Power Plant (PPO) in Italy including installation of tanker park, heat recovery, treatment exhaust gases and LV/ HV transformation

Construction Site management and commissioning of three Wartsila 12V32DF (Dual Fuel) powerplant for Hospital main power application in the Netherlands

Baseframe redesign and alternator replacement Caterpillar 3516 genset Dominican Republic

Feasibility study, Engineering & installation of 3 MWe biomass power plant in The Netherlands, consisiting of Wartsila 9W32 of 3,9 MWe each, to be operated on PPO

Relocation of 7,6 MWe used Wartsila 18V32GD engine for repair exchange purposes in Dominican Republic

Feasibility study & engineering of 10 MWe Biomass diesel power application according EU subsidy program

Relocation of 10,2 MWe gas Power installation in Turkey, existing of 3 x used DEUTZ TBG632 gas generator sets with auxiliaries of 3,4 MWe each


Sales Management Project Management, installation, site management, commissioning and services of 8 MWe Bio Power Plant (PPO) in Italy including installation of tanker park, heat recovery to the city heating, treatment exhaust gases

Engineering & installation of six cargo tanks

Engineering & installation of four cargo tanks MV IBIS ARROW

Maintenance Services Major Overhaul 238 MWe diesel power plant of 8 x Wartsila 18V38A and 6 x Wartsila 18V46B engines

Engineering & services on ship structure for engine replacement on MV JAN MARIA for 2 x Wartsila 8R32D VASA engines, replacing MAK main propulsion engines

Relocation of 12 MWe Diesel Power application in ITALY of 2 x used

Project management, installation and commissioning of Bio Power diesel engine installation (PPO) of 5,3 MWe located in commercial park within residential zone in the Netherlands . The installation will supply electricity to local utility grid and hotwater to district heating circuit under unmanned/remote operational conditions.

Project management, research, testing and implementation of environmental (emission) modifications to Marine propulsion diesel engine for European Inland shipping purposes to comply to 2007 CCR(2) legislation.

Project management, design and installation of re-powering project for propulsion system Inland Shipping vessel MV Vultur in Romania

Management, research and development for Lubricants and Fuels for Marine & Power applications.

Study, management and implementation of service support facility within European inland shipping area (sales, workshop and labor competences) from west to east Europe.

Management for O&M contract for EGE HAINA Power barge installation of 148 MWe (9x Wartsila 18V46 HFO gensets) to local utility grid in San Pedro de Marcoris in Dominican Republic

Management, operation and development of service network facility in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic for local energy –and marine installations with high mechanical, electrical and automation workshop –and inplace equipment/competences specialities.

Project management, installation and commissioning of exchange engine project on Power barge MV La Isabella of ELPASO of 52 MW (9x Wartsila 18V32 HFO gensets) in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

Project management, installation and commissioning of upgrade project of power plant GENSTAR of 37 MW (8x Wartsila 18V26 HFO gensets) in Guayaquil in Ecuador.

Management, research and development for Assembly, testing and finishing within Engine OEM environment.

Site management, Installation, commissioning and O&M of power plant TAPAL of 130 MW (12x Wartsila 18V38A HFO gensets) nearby Karachi, Pakistan.

Site management, installation, commissioning and O&M of power plant Pockwood Pond of 9MW (2x Wartsila 9L38A gensets) nearby Roadtown, Tortola British Virgin Islands

Site management, installation, commissioning of powerplant Enkador of 3,6 MW (1x 9SW280 Stork HFO genset) nearby Quito in Ecuador

Project –and site management, installation and commissioning of 2x power plant (10x Wartsila 18V38A and 5x18V38A gensets) at island Mindanao, Zambuanga in Philippines.

Project –and site management, installation and commissioning of Marine Application of Wartsila V38A engines at QUinshang Shipyard, Wuhan in Peoples Republic of China.

Management O&M for GEBE ST. Maarten Utility Power installation of 60 MW with Wartsila L/V32, V46, Stork TM410, TM620, SW280, ALCO and Caterpillar diesel engine equipment.

Project management, installation and commissioning of power plant Taichang of 30 MW (Wartsila V38A gensets) in Peoples Republic of China.

Rehabilitation project 35 MW SWD TM410 Powerstation Port au Prince, Haiti

Rehabilitation project 50 MW SWD TM 410 of Power Installation Taif, Saudi Arabia